Silvio Battistoni was born in '69. As a child he grew up closely with his father helping in the family restaurant "Il Ghiottone" in Nebbiuno (NO) already encountering at a tender age the challenges in "agnolotti" and "risotti". Later he attended the prestigious catering college in Stresa, which then was followed by several important experiences abroad: Hotel de Paris - Montecarlo; Hotel Moulin de Mougins - French Riviera, with Roger Vergé; Hotel Negresco with Maximin, "il Sorriso di Soriso" and later worked for many years in Switzerland. Due to this intense journey, Silvio shaped his unique cooking style.

A personalized, instinctive style. Uncooked food must be fresh and wisely chosen each day. Silvio says: "Colour is essential - a finished dish should preserve the original tone of the ingredients, without changing it unnaturally".

In early 2000, Silvio and his lifetime friend Nicola Cavalieri opened their first restaurant, "Schuman Restaurant". In the first year of their activity, it won a Michelin Star. Magazines and tv shows often mentioned him and his activity, and was greatly valued and recommended by international guests. After 12 years, Silvio Battistoni moved to "Sacro Monte of Varese" where he started his new project.

Silvio, as well as his mother Vanna and Nicola warmly invite you to his Hotel Restaurant "Colonne". He will be more than pleased to give you a sample of his hospitality and accommodation.


During a normal working day I had a phone call about my first Michelin Star, I thought it was a joke and I remember I hung up saying something like: "No time for jokes here". He called a second time to confirm. We were surprised about that!

A particular guest... Gualtiero Marchesi -a symbol of our profession, a Master- sitting at my table with some other cooks, he said that one of my hare pie dishes was like a piece of art. It was a really rewarding moment.

I recently joined the association Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe.
I am proud to take part in the life and events
of this association.

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